The Effects Of Gun Control On The United States Essay

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In today’s day in age, the amount of people killing other innocent people has been on the rise dramatically than it has ever been. Due to these tragic occurrences, many people believe that the amount of guns are the problem for this to happen. However, guns do not kill people. It is the person behind the guns who kill others ruthlessly. In this paper, I will argue that there needs to be a more awareness on the mental health part of this issue and an updated amount of background checks is needed before anybody can obtain a gun In America. My argument for having a more emphasis on the mental health aspect has important implications because adding these aspects will much reduce the amount of innocent people dead by firearms and will not infringe the 2nd Amendment right of the constitution.

One of the first pieces of gun control legislation in the United States was the Sullivan Act which was passed in New York in 1911 which required a permit to carry a gun, this law is still used in New York Today. In the 1930’s The National Firearms act(NFA) was created which imposed a tax on the manufacture and the sale of certain fire arms and machine guns, the law according to congressional research service(CRS) was made it so It is “difficult to obtain types of fire arms” (Gun Control Laws, Issues and Controversies). In 1938, Congress passed the federal fire arms act, which made licenses needed in all states and prohibited the sale of fire arms to people who have committed a crime.…

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