The Effects Of Gmos On The Health Of Humans Essay

1935 Words Dec 13th, 2016 8 Pages
First of all, GMOs can be detrimental to the health of humans. The most common form of this is when humans consume food that contains GMOs. Since most GMO-containing food is not labelled as such, most consumers assume that their food is GMO-free, however, this is not the case. Joseph Mercola, a renowned doctor who specializes in nutrition, attests that in the United States, an increasing amount of genetically modified foods are being added to the food supply without the knowledge of American consumers. The effects of these genetic modifications have been revealed to be “flawed” and potentially dangerous to consumers (Mercola). Mercola illustrates the large gray area that exists in the food industry, especially with GMOs and the few restrictions placed on them. This gray area is alarming because these GMOs have the potential to cause extremely harmful side effects, and companies are not currently doing anything to resolve this issue. Jeffrey Smith, an American consumer activist, highlights that although many “biotech” advocates claim that tens of millions of Americans have been eating GMOs for decades without any obvious health effects, these consumers are not being monitored and as a result, any major health problems that they face as a result of GMOs are difficult to identify (Smith, “The Health Risks…”). Because the effects of GMOs on humans are not being constantly monitored, it is completely irresponsible for these companies to claim they are safe. Also, because many of…

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