The Effects Of Gmos And Health Has Not Been Explained By Long Term Studies

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Approximately 70 % of all processed foods sold at market in the United States of America may contain soybean oil, cottonseed oil, or corn syrup which are fundamental crops of genetically modified and are broadly planted in the USA (Bren, 2003). With 93% agreement in respondents, the survey conducted by New York Times poll showed that genetically engineered ingredients of foods should be represented on a food label (Kopicki, 2013, July 27). 75 % of Americans worried about the GMOs with effects on the health, such as cancer or allergies. There is no evident that the GMOs are safe even if scientists argue that GMOs have the similar elements to traditional plants (Goodman, 2014). The relationship between GMOs and health has not been explained by long-term studies (Dogoberto, 2014). The research by Goodman (2014) maintained that the potential risk from GM foods is “hypothetical” although he were aware of the necessity of further evaluation for the potential allergenicity and toxicity from new plant varieties. Finally, he concluded that the regulation for the labeling of GM foods are time consuming and extravagantness since there were no cause-effect relationship studies. According to Huffman, & McCluskey, (2014), mandatory labels on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) would result in costly burden for consumers and producers within small GM-free market, including the USA whereas in the European Union, mandatory labels on GM foods would be less likely to lose benefit in…

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