The Effects Of Gangs On Single Parent Children Essay

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The Effects Of Gangs on Single Parent Children Children are the future of our generation every child deserves a wonderful future filled with happiness and success. Growing up with just a single parent is hard for most children because of many factors some of which include lower living wages due to single parent income or not enough time being with family during a child 's critical years of growing. One of the main reasons children are often introduced to gangs is the lack of a fatherly figure in their lives a male figure who can care for them and teach them how to grow up. The absence of a stable male role model in many low-income households creates identity problems for males and gang members know and take advantage of these social issues. Gang members seek out new recruits who are missing key elements in their home life and prey upon those vulnerabilities to make their gang and themselves seem nurturing and supportive. No child is born bad some people join gangs because they are looking for a sense of being in a group many gangs make it out to seem like a family so for kids that are missing a parent this is a lure to them the sense of being a part of something and they give them this sense of identity. In reality when joining a gang children are going to end up in one of 3 life routes which are prison, hospital or dead the reality of gang life is one that is misunderstood.

Gangs often form due to the absence of a family and its unconditional love, positive adult role…

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