The Effects Of Foreign Aid On Africa Essay

1058 Words Mar 21st, 2015 null Page
For years man has desired to eliminate proverty from this world and has speculated for generations on how to create a model society. Currently, there has been a substantial amount of scrutiny that has been given to Africa, with myraid advocates pushing for billions of intercontinental aid. Many econcomists are questioning how effective the aid is on relieving Africa from it’s penniless communties and underdeveloped framework. There’s astounding evidence that reveal that the foreign aid given to Africa has made the poor poverty-stricken. “The stigma associated with countries relying on aid should also not be underestimated or ignored.”(4)
Approximately five decades of aid has flooded countless countries of Africa with billions of dollars. Not only was this aid given to several African governements as solely hard cash. The aid included: several tons of food spread throughout the continent, adminstrators, and economists to decipher Africa’s predicament. Nonetheless, the condition of economic development in Africa is no better today than fifty years. “Per capita income, for most of Africa, is either stagnant or declining.”(3) This begs the question how long will it take us to realize flooding a contient with money doesn’t solve the problem without a stragety? The dilemma of African poverty is that continuous aid has only delayed the development of Africa for years and will continue to because of billions of dollars not used correctly, the portrayal of Africa in the media,…

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