Essay about The Effects Of Film On The Film Industry

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A group of carefree teenage girls is going to see a movie at the movie theater to escape the stress of the world by going to see a comedy movie. As they sit watching the comedy movie, they forget about all the problems they’re dealing with in society, being distracted by the crazy antics on the screen. This is one example of how movies impact people in a positive way because it’s a good escape from reality and brings people closer together with friends or family. Filming production has positively impacted society by the large population, it affects and the amount of money being generated through its effects, and although there are many controversies surrounding the filming industry’s use of violence to snare viewers, the future of technology in this industry will be better than ever. Those who hold background knowledge of the Film Industry will be able to understand its significance. The meaning of the film industry is the entertainment industries involved in producing and distributing movies (Entertainment Industry 2003). The Film Industry history is very interesting because it 's great how it has evolved into what we know it is as of today. For example, the early development of cinema played a significant role in the United States since the US is “the birth of cinema”. American cinema back then was separated into four main periods: the Silent Era, Classical Hollywood cinema, New Hollywood, and the Contemporary period after 1890 (New World Encyclopedia 2013). The Silent…

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