Essay about The Effects Of Fast Food On Unhealthy Eating Habits

1517 Words Nov 14th, 2014 7 Pages
Research has shown the chemicals that are contained in fast food can lead to a variety of health conditions. America’s health is in peril from the rise of fast food because of fast food’s highly addictive properties that create a vicious cycle of abuse. The addictive properties in fast food are harmful since they encourage unhealthy eating patterns. Poor eating habits are the main reason that obesity has taken such a sudden incline in the last decade (Disadvantages of Fast Food). Science Daily reports that the poor eating patterns consist of drinking sugary drinks and eating processed foods as oppose to eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables (Fast Food Obesity). Children are choosing fast food over eating a healthier meal at home on a regular basis (Obesity Linked…). Remember, fast food is not a healthy option, so the idea is never to make it a habit. Since fast food is convenient, people tend to choose to eat fast food to save time rather than sitting down and waiting for a slow but well cooked traditional foods. This concept would make children’s minds preoccupied with the idea that junk food can be eaten as staple food for everyday, which will eventually lead to detrimental influence on the health of future generations. Fast food’s addictive properties encourage a person to consume fast food regularly, which in return, promotes unhealthy eating patterns. Next, once a person is addicted to fast food, aggressive marketing tactics of fast food restaurants will make…

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