The Effects Of Emotional Abuse On Children Essay

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Marriage is an emotional connect that two of the different of the same gender have for each. Marriages are being recognized legally, religiously, and or socially. When abuse comes into the relationship the whole emotional connect goes out the window. Every relationship has problems but how a person deals with those problems is up to the person. Violence solves nothing in any situation. In "Sweat " Zora Hurston showed how different kinds of abuse may be shown. Emotional abuse deals with the mind and how someone feels about someone else, Financial abuse unwillingly getting money or not satisfied with ones job, Lastly Physical abuse physical contact with another person.
Emotional abuse is one of the three abuses that is not seeable, the person giving the abuse or the person receiving it may not even know they are being abused. Because when people thing of abuse the first thing comes to mind is physical, emotional abuse is not anything people really think to pay attention. Emotional abuse usually happens when the abuser is has some open wounds from there past that they can not get over or move on from. Emotional abuse can be presented in many different ways as in humiliation, control, neglect and many more. In "Sweat" Sykes refers to Delia as a skinny women " Gawd ! how ah hates skinny women"(706 Hurston) Sykes talking about the size of his wife and how he hates it can tear a woman confidence down. " Just then Delia drove past on her way home, as Sykes was ordering…

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