The Effects Of Drugs On The Society Essay

2176 Words Apr 15th, 2016 null Page
Despite numerous campaigns on the adverse effects of drugs around the world, many people still incorporate drugs in their daily lives. Many people still do not feel the consequences using drugs and alcohol. The magnitude of substance misuse in the society has been phenomenal, thus motivating researchers to investigate the reasons for drug addiction. Is the society perplexed with many questions such as; is using drugs that wrong? Is there a standard threshold to determine if a person has abused drugs? Should people use or not use drugs at all? Why has it become such a significant problem in our modern time? The solutions to these questions are, however, varied. Drugs do not only destroy the life of an individual, but they also affect the family and the society as a whole. As governments and other stakeholders fight the drug abuse problem, the primary focus should be to stop substance abuse in the society altogether. This will help improve people’s productivity and reduce the manifestation of drug-related diseases. Not all drugs are bad. Some have pure medicinal values. Robbins and Everitt (1999) define drugs as chemicals that influence how a person feels or alter how the body works. Drugs can be categorized into three major groups, that is, medicines, alcohol, and cigarettes. Also, drugs can either be legal or illegal. In many countries, medicinal drugs together with alcohol and cigarettes are legal. Doctors and physicians are allowed to prescribe medicinal drugs…

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