Essay about The Effects Of Drug Addiction On Society

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The Effects of Drug Addiction
A growing problem in today’s society is drug addiction. Whether it be from pain medicine, sedatives, or even street drugs; many people are not left untouched by it’s devastating effects. It is seen in our homes, schools and jobs. The sad part is that substance use is usually glamorized in the media. Movies, TV shows, magazines, books, and the internet make it look cool, sexy, and fun. Addiction can affect people of all ages. An addict can start out in many forms: an innocent child who is exposed to inappropriate movies that have drug use in them, an impressionable teenager who has fallen under peer pressure to use drugs to fit in, a young adult who tries party drugs with friends to have a good time at a rave or party, an adult who uses sedatives to escape the everyday stresses of life, or as an elderly person who uses pain medicine to cope with aches and pains after an injury. No matter how the person was introduced to the drug, it can be believed that they never intended for it to become an addiction. Consequently, however, drug addiction can ultimately lead to strained relationships, failed attempts at careers and an education, time spent in jail or rehab, or even worse-death.
An unfortunate effect of drug addiction is that the addict more than likely has a strained relationship with his or her spouse and other family members. Ordinarily, addicts have difficulties in their marriages that are unlike most normal marital problems. Some reasons…

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