The Effects Of Dropping Out Of School Essay

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Education has been around for years and is often questioned if will be beneficial to our future or if it is possible to be successful without it. Imagine having the opportunity to actually have a chance to pick what happens in the future and having an idea on how successful or unsuccessful life could be in the future. Essentially the United States has made it law for children who live here to receive a free education through public schools, now whether public schools, private schools or homeschooling is better is not the point, it’s actually about knowing if an education is the only thing that will determine a positive and successful future and the effects of dropping out of school such as the financial cost, and making it more difficult to find a job.
Getting an education such as a high school diploma can create a big difference in one’s life. It can even help from preventing really horrible mistakes that can be done at young age. “James S. Catterall is Professor of Education at UCLA... He is also Affiliate Professor at the UCLA Psychological Foundation Center for Culture, Brain, and Development ...For the past 20 years, his research has focused on measurement of children’s cognitive development and motivation, particularly in the context of learning in the arts. His most important studies include long-term research on the effects of high engagement in the arts by middle and high school students...”(Catterall). Because he has so much knowledge and background on education…

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