The Effects Of Drinking On College Students Essay

851 Words Sep 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
During the day and of age of being a youth, it is very common to make decisions without thinking and understanding the risks that come with them. Alcohol has been a major influence on college students and many of these students are unaware of the damage that is being caused by abusing it. What students in this age group do not understand is that their brain is still developing slowly and this process does not finish until they reach adulthood. Drinking can have harmful effects on the developmental of the brain, that has a major impact on the student as they age. College is a very stressful time period for some and a common mistake is students abusing the amount of alcohol they consume to cope with the stress they are going through. Underage drinking can cause a student to suffer academically in school and this can relate to the increase in dropouts in college due to alcohol. Studies have reported that around 40% of college students report academic consequences of their drinking, including missing class, falling behind and receiving lower grades. In correlation, it has been reported that around 28% of college dropouts acknowledge that alcohol abuse problems are the reason they struggle with school, resulting in dropping out (Alcohol and College life). It is very apparent that college students drink for a variety of reasons and are unaware of the consequences of this act. This issue needs to be addressed more strictly to prevent damage on college students working their hardest…

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