The Effects Of Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy Essay

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A woman who is pregnant should consider the fact they are carrying for two people. Every pregnant woman should watch what they take in because it can harm the baby and also themselves. We all know that taking in alcohol and illegal drugs while pregnant is not good for a baby because there are many risks that can happen. Taking these products can cause a variety of problems that are internal and external to the baby. The more you know, the better you can make your child be the healthiest it can be.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can affect your baby depending on the stage of pregnancy you are at, how much and often you drink. Alcohol exposure when young can also cause problems in school and in their late teenage years. The child can develop "depression, anxiety, learning difficulties” ("Drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy", n.d.) therefore giving them a hard time in school. Not only will they have a

There is no line that draws the amount of alcohol that is safe and unsafe to drink. Every woman 's body is different. Some women can handle more alcohol than others, but the amount you can handle does not matter because whatever you put into your system, it goes to the baby. When the mother drinks alcohol, it travels into their bloodstream through the placenta and to the baby. Most health professionals tell pregnant women to stay away from alcohol completely because the effects from the alcohol can be unknown. The minute we are born, we have no knowledge of the world around…

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