Essay The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Women

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Multiple men and women are not aware of domestic violence occurring around them; However, others are informed and have been through this situation. The act of violence in relationships is caused by several reasons that can have serious consequences. The major issue is that the majority of the victims are women. In addition, the world has viewed women as less valuable than men, meaning that females are the prey in a negative and downhill relationship. Knowing the factors that cause this problem is good to know for preventing a misfortune. According to Alanna Vagianos, a female writer from The Huffington Post, there is “85 percent of domestic abuse victims being women and 15 percent men.” All individuals should be aware and see signs when they are in an abusive relationship before it is too late.
With this in mind, Disagreement is a reason for an abusive relationship. For example, couples may argue over irrelevant points. While some do makeup, others have a further discussion and continue to bicker and never end. Eventually partner A gives up and wants to leave partner B, while on the other hand that is where Partner B makes a decision to force the relationship to work. Bribery, Beating, and Threats are violent ways to force a partner to stay with them; However, tricking their partner into thinking that the relationship will get better is a blinding way for them to believe them. From another viewpoint, Partner B may as well believe that the relationship will surpass the…

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