The Effects Of Divorce On Children And Children Essay

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Divorce is the action or an instance of legally dissolving a marriage (Webster 1). When one speaks of divorce a person may think solely of the separation of a man and women. Rarely does one think of the effects it has on children. When a married couple brings a child into the world the child grows up viewing the family as a unit. Never does it cross a child’s mind that the unit could become divided. This is when an adult begins to overlook the effects of the separation and what it causes for the child. Many challenges and obstacles that children face are greatly influences by their parents and their happiness. The mental growth and well-being of a child raised in a married home is greater than that of a child raised in a divorced household.
When someone thinks about family it’s not often that the thought focuses on what that could mean to a child. Family is the first healthy environment of a child, where he makes his first small, timid and clumsy steps toward his development (Montataianu 159). Parents don’t realize the actually effects that they have on their children. A child embodies the beginning stages of their characteristics for their future adult lives through what they view at home. A married home helps to maintain a positive outlook for the child. One dimension of children’s well-being that may be particularly affected by the quality of their parents’ relationship is their behavior. Children may learn certain patterns of behavior from observing their parents…

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