The Effects Of Divorce And Marital On Adult Children 's Psychological Well Being

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Amato, P. R., & Sobolewski, J. M. (2001). The effects of divorce and marital discord on adult children 's psychological well-being. American Sociological Review, 66(6), 900-921. doi:10.2307/3088878
1. What are the hypotheses or research question in the study?
Through this review there are three main goals in which the author is trying to answer, the first goal was to explore how gender differences can affect divorce and discord. Secondly, the goal is to see if weak parent-child bonds in adulthood can be traced to childhood, and if that bond may have been present before parental divorce. The final goal is to consider parents’ divorce, and whether these divorces were followed by addition remarriages and divorces.
2. What was the Sample?
The population from which the sample was founded was through random-digit dialing, targeting all married individuals in households in the United States with a telephone, both spouses must be present, and both 55 years of age or younger. The sample consisted on 2,033 married persons. The eligibility requirements for those coupes with offspring were, that the children had to be 19 years of age or older at time if interviewing, and they had to reside in the parental household in 1980. This sample of young adults was 655 persons, after 36 children were omitted from the study because of a deceased parent.
3. What was the method: please provide some details about the measures used and what was asked of each research participant?

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