The Effects Of Corn On The Environment And The Potential Side Effects

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Bt Corn “In the United States, 33% of all crops are lost to disease, weeds, and insects. Since the 1940s, crop losses due to insects have risen from about 7 to 13%” (Linacre, Thompson, 2003). GMO 's are foods that have been genetically modified to control for pest, control food spoilage, or to make our foods bigger. Scientist do this by inserting genes of different species into our foods. One of those foods that have been genetically modified is our corn. BT corn was genetically changed by inserting the gene for a toxin called Bacillus thuringiensis (2003). By adding this gene, it has given farmers the ability to grow their crops without fear they will be destroyed by pests (2003). There has been many speculations of about the effects of Bt corn on the environment and the potential side effects that may occur, but have no fear. GMO 's have decreased the cost for farmers and there have been studies that show that there is a benefit to GMO food such as Bt corn. GMO 's and Bt corn have been in the news recently because people get scared when they hear their food has been modified by scientist. They are also believed that GMO foods like Bt corn are harmful for the environment. Bt corn have seen to have impacted the monarch butterfly population. When the butterfly 's ingest the pollen that come off these genetically modified corn, the insects experience mortality and lethal effect like the butterfly stops growing (Sears, 2001). Most of the concerns that trouble citizen is…

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