The Effects Of Coercive And Lethal Force Essay

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Each of the above factors has a unique bearing on the issue of whether coercive and lethal force should be taken against a person suspected of engaging in illegal behavior. Studies have been conducted to determine if training and education play a role in a police officer’s behavior. Additionally, it has been questioned if the training and education required for officers serving in rural areas are equivalent to the training and education standards required for officers who live in metropolitan areas.
For some time, it has been hypothesized by members of the law enforcement community that higher education requirements for police officers would have a positive effect on their behavior and work habits. Members of the Presidential Commission believed the field of law enforcement should function as a profession. To that end, it was determined that higher education could be the tool required to achieve that goal (Bostrom, 2005). According to Bostrom, there is no evidence to suggest that higher education would have a positive impact on law enforcement. However, it was widely publicized that “…if law-enforcement officers became more professional, then [their] unprofessional actions would be curtailed.” (Bostrom, 2005).
To gain a better understanding of how professionalizing law enforcement was conceptualized, the history of policing should be reviewed. In the 1930’s American police officers were regarded as undisciplined and incompetent. Officers in metropolitan areas were viewed as…

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