The Effects Of Climate On The Greenhouse Effect Essays

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The Enhanced Greenhouse Effect is a destructive phenomenon that is slowly heating the Earth. The release of excess greenhouse gases such as, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and methane, is contributing to the entrapment of heat in the atmosphere. One of the major gases contributing to this effect is carbon dioxide. There are various different sources that result in the release of this gas, one of them is deforestation. Deforestation contributes greatly to the Enhanced Greenhouse effect, as the clearing of forests cause an increase in the concentration of carbon compounds in the atmosphere.

Chemistry concepts
The Enhanced Greenhouse effect is a man-made phenomenon, which occurs due to the increase of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases allow short wave rays into the atmosphere, but trap the long wave rays as they are re-admitted from the Earth’s surface. This maintains the Earth’s temperature.

Fig.1 How the greenhouse effect works and how the gases contribute to the effect.

With an increase in greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, there is a greater absorbance of heat waves. This is what is known as the Enhanced Greenhouse effect. Release of gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen oxide, contribute to this effect. The release of carbon dioxide occurs predominantly due to deforestation. When Greenhouse gases, such as CO2 is released, it remains in the atmosphere where it absorbs the UV rays emitted from the…

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