The Effects Of Climate Change On The Environment Essay example

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The climate is a very important aspect to the life of a human. We plan our whole day around the weather. While we look forward to warm beach days and cool ski trips, the climate can also lead to deaths and accidents. As a result of transportation, industry and residential living, climate change has increased dramatically at an alarming rate. Societies are in a state of panic due to the uncontrollable climate, and are fearful of mankind’s future. Some fear the danger that comes from an increase in the climate, hotter days, drought, and increase of bacteria in our water and food supply. Other believe it is a good thing that there will be a decrees of cold weather, causing less major snow storms which could result in less deaths during the harsh cold winters.

In Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, the author argues that though factories create such great raw materials that we use everyday, the chemicals created during production hurt the earth. The greenhouse gases emitted during the use of factories are spilt into two groups, direct and indirect emission. To support this claim the author uses evidence such as “Indirect emissions are produced by burning fossil fuel at a power plant to make electricity, which is then used by an industrial facility to power industrial buildings and machinery … direct emissions comes from sources that are owned or controlled by the reporting entity.”(Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions). Though factories are emitting a lot of toxins into the…

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