The Effects Of Childhood Sexual Abuse On Children Essay

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Sexual abuse, just like any other kind of abuse, does not allow a child to feel secure in the surrounding environment, leaving the child emotionally distraught and, in some cases, unable to learn normal functions during growth (Adult 1). In this way, the effects of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) usually do not end in childhood. It is a crime that, thankfully, is commonly punished with more severity than murder. Memories of the abuse often haunt the child all through life, whether socially, physically, or mentally, even if the child does not realize it.
Adults that experience sexual abuse as children are 200 percent more likely to attempt suicide and 400 percent more likely to develop a psychiatric disorder. In addition, they have a 300 percent higher chance to abuse substances (Dominquex 3). One of the most frequent results of CSA, depression occurs because of a victim’s inability to talk about the crime (Hall, 2) which, in turn, leads to the victim keeping their emotions bottled up inside. Survivors often cope with the situation through over-responsibility, such as caring for others before themselves, or in contrast, through abuse to their own victims. Later in life, these victims may indulge in self-destructive behaviors as means of forgetting about or controlling the painful memories of the event. (Adult 2) Theory implies that these victims may abuse substances for this reason, which in turn could make them more vulnerable to revictimization (Messman-Moore 490).
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