The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children Essay

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No one realizes the harsh reality of child abuse; people need to understand that children will be the new generation, whether our world will be clean or dirty, a safe environment or dangerous environment, a place filled with positivity or negativity. These points matter for all of us, and if we take advantage of the children by abusing them, we won’t like the future we are facing. Other than the environment issue, think about the child you’re hitting and kicking around. Why would you abuse a poor, helpless child in the first place? Since the mid-1980s, a dramatic rise in cases of child abuse and neglect has overwhelmed the nation’s courts and Child Welfare Agencies. Each year, more than one million cases of child abuse are filed and substantiated. As of April 2001, the foster care system was responsible for more than 58,000 children. More than one million cases of child abuse are filed because of the several different causes of child abuse. Since there are different causes in each case, they all have a unique way of affecting children’s lives. There is also a different way of preventing each case. Some causes include the environment the child lives in and their parents’ mental health, while the effects are children having physical, emotional, work, and relationship problems throughout childhood and into adulthood.
To begin with, child abuse has a certain definition, which everyone should know. According to Elizabeth Connelly’s book Child Abuse and Neglect, “The term child…

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