The Effects Of Birth Control On Children Essay

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“There is, perhaps, one invention that historians a thousand years in the future will look back on and say, ‘That defined the 20th century’…That invention is the contraceptive pill” (Sonfield, Hasstedt, Gold 2015). Widely used by more than 60% of US women and accepted by most of the world’s religions, birth control, and access to it, is still a hot-button topic. Extensive research has been conducted studying the effects of birth control across many fields, and the results all seem to agree. Recent research seems to have shown that access to affordable birth control is directly tied to positive effects for the individual, the child, and the economy as a whole.
Access to affordable birth control has many benefits for the individual in question. The most obvious benefit is that of the woman’s ability to decide for herself if pregnancy and the subsequent birth of a child are really in her or the child’s best interest at the time. According to Adam Sonfield, K. Hasstedt, M. Kavanaugh, and R. Anderson, rates of unintended pregnancy are much higher among poverty-stricken or low-income families (2013). It follows that if a woman in this situation wanted to attempt to better herself financially, the use of birth control would certainly be a positive step in that direction. So the postponement of conception until such a time as she was emotionally and financially prepared would be a particularly prudent course of action. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy…

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