The Effects Of Animals On The World 's Wildlife Essay

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There’s been a struggle that has been going on for a while now and this situation has affected countless of animals “Whether it 's tigers, pandas, California condors or coral reefs, much of the world 's wildlife is under threat. It 's initially upsetting, and eventually just numbing” (Marshall, Michael). As it can be seen here, there’s a tragedy that is happening and no one is doing anything to help these creatures. For over many years the count of animals has been falling and there seems to be no support of any kind to protect them. The huge fault for the decrease of animals comes from the deforestation of main food franchises. The reason for the cause would come from the fact that the company has to cut down trees from forests in order to create space for crops. This has a positive outcome for the company and their profit, but a negative outcome for animals that are soon to be endangered. Destroying the forests can lead to homes of many animals being taken away and suddenly they are left without a shelter and trying to fend for themselves. An environment editor once said that leading food companies, such as McDonald’s are driving illegal and rapid destruction of the Amazon rainforest. (Vidal, John). The real question that stands is why hasn 't anybody or even a group stood out and try to maintain the survival of endangered animals? Does anyone even care and what are some ways for us to fix that?
The deforestation that has been caused by huge franchises has devastated…

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