The Effects Of Alcohol On My Life Essay

776 Words Oct 6th, 2015 4 Pages
In my early child wood I was mistreated by my grandmother because of the situation that I as a kid couldn’t understand. Being a child is hard to understand what was going on but deep down I always felt that mistreatment towards me. My mom was always a part of my life until the age of seven when she had to leave me and went away to the state. After my mom left to the state I was then sent to my grandmother to live. Living with my grandmother was hell, I couldn’t talk to my mom nor mention my mother 's name in the house, so my life began to get worse because I wasn’t able to see my mom nor talk to her. All this got me depressed and the only thing that I know as my best friend was alcohol.
Alcohol began a huge part of me. I start hanging out with friends that I never use to hang with and didn’t care about the consequences that was going to affect later on in life. Alcohol was my depression, relaxation to calm my mind from not going off and being disrespectful. When my grandmother could give my money for school I could save it just to buy alcohol before I go to school and after school that if I went. Drinking alcohol became a habit that I pick up because of the stress and depression that I was going through knowing that I have a mom and couldn’t see, hear or talk to her. At this point I couldn’t focus on my school work. I began to fail all my classes getting into fights at lease every other week when I get back from my suspension. Been suspended from school seems like…

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