The Effects Of Air Pollution On The Environment Essay

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The ecosystem provides its own bio-indicator called a lichen. Lichens consist of two organisms, a fungi and a cyanobacteria (algae) which grow symbiotically. Lichens while they grow symbiotically their relationship of interaction can be described as mutualism. Three basic types of lichens include foliose, crustose, and fruticose. Lichens are durable and can grow in harsh environments where there is little or no soil. Lichens can tolerate severe temperatures both hot and cold. Despite their durability lichen are not impervious, many are sensitive to air pollution because they are dependent on moisture from rain for growth. Smog is a common air pollution which is the result of the burning fuels like coal and gasoline which releases sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide into the air later turning in to acids when introduce with water. The amount of lichens in an environment can be used as a bio-indicator which shows the quality air in the areas pollution level.

In this lab I will be surveying three study sites to study the effects of air pollution brought on by vehicles have on lichens. Areas surveyed will be a wooded area in 20,000+ AADT (annual average daily traffic) HIGH, 5,000 to 10,000 AADT (annual average daily traffic) MEDIUM, and 0-1000 AADT (annual average daily traffic) LOW vehicle traffic. While surveying each location I will be documenting tree circumference and inches of foliose, crustose, and fruticose lichen. Using the information gathered at each study site I…

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