The Effectiveness of Probation Boot Camps Essay

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How Effective Are Probation Boot Camps?
Probation Boot Camps Probation boot camps refer to correctional centers that follow a military essential training model, which emphasizes discipline as well as physical conditioning. They are based on shock incarceration and military techniques, and are aimed at assisting young offenders. The first known boot camp was started in 1971 in Idaho though their popularity did not start until 1983 when they were created in Oklahoma and Georgia in 1983 (Cullen, Belvins Kennedy, and Trager 56). Several needs were attributed to the rise in popularity of these boot camps. The first was the need to develop intermediate punishments that would punish young offenders. This
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The participants are informed of what happens at the boot camps and are provided with the differences between boot camps and a typical prison. The major advantage of boot camps over normal prisons is the period one takes with boot camps as it has a shorter period with most lasting between 90 and 180 days. Once admitted, the participants are given the orders that they will need to follow while at the camp such as how to address the drill instructors, when to speak and standing at attention. Men are usually shaved while women have their hair shortened. The participants are allowed very few personal possessions, with infrequent visits allowed for their relatives and no television. The participants are expected to follow all instructions and failure to do so results in various forms of punishments mostly in the form of physical exercises. Serious violation of the rules may result in the dismissal of a participant from the program. Successful participants are released from completing the program with the release happening during a graduation ceremony where the participants usually display the military drill they have learned. The participants are then supervised within the community for the remaining time of their sentences. All boot camps integrate military basic training with rigorous physical training as well as hard labor. Further, boot camps target young offenders found guilty of nonviolent crimes like drug use, theft and burglary. In

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