Essay about The Effect Of World War II

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It is said that a single man can learn much from predicting the future, yet they fail to acknowledge the past. Society does not realize that the past is what makes the decisions of the presents which eventually led to the events that unfold in the future. Now, knowing that history is a reference that we refer to as in the past, then why should we not study it and learn from it. Furthermore, history is full of wars and more than often wars led to a reconstruction era for either side involved and that is the universal rule. Therefore, Greece was not exceptions to this rule, having been completely destroyed economically and politically due to the effect of World War II which lasted six grueling years from 1839-1845.
World War II, was one of the most important wars fought in our history which prevented the malicious dictator Adolf Hitler and his racist political group the Nazi from wiping out an entire race and taking over much if not all of the Middle East. However having won this war did not mean its effects were over, no matter how much society would have enjoyed to believe this white lie. For, the effect of this war had taken its severe toll on many countries in the Middle East. Yet none were as effect as the small democratic country, Greece which would eventually search and plea for help of the U.S in the year 1847.
Greece having a small and poorly equipped army could not fight the invasion of the Nazi and would have to withstand them in their country. However it is said…

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