The Effect Of The American War On The 19th Century Essay

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Rival enemies France and Britain, were among the dominant global powers engaged in international power politics leading into the eighteenth century. The continual large-scale wars involved in empire building, produced devastating effects on the economy and social cohesion of the countries involved. In particular, the impact the Seven Years War and the American War of Independence had on the French economy created a volatile environment, setting off a sequence of events leading to the revolution. Spurred by the enlightenment ideals and the devastating effects of the financial crisis, representatives of the Third Estate challenged the political system of absolutism by forming a National Assembly. Initially, the American colonies functioned independently from the authority of the British Constitutional Monarchy. However, the financial burden of the Seven Years War prompted the British Parliament to pass a series of acts designed to draw revenue from the colonies. The intrusion by Parliament into the trade and practices of the colonies caused widespread rebellion from the colonists. In retaliation the colonists issued the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July 1776, severing their connection to Great Britain. This essay will explore the causes that led to the two separate revolutions in France and America.
During the mid to late eighteenth century, the five great powers: Austria, Britain, France, Prussia, and Russia fought over power and territory. Although alliances…

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