The Effect Of Temperature On Cellular Membranes Essay examples

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The Effects of Temperature on Cellular Membranes
Kean University: Biology 1300 Section 3
Liyet Iran
Partners: Paoline Medina, Jennifer Yuen,
Christian Gonzalez, D’wan McCrary, Nicole Piscatelli
November 12, 2015

The cell membrane is an essential structure of any cell. It’s the structure that protects and support the cell. To determine whether this structure can withstand hot or cold environment, a beet specimen is put to test. Six consistent cylindrical beet will each be placed into different temperatures ranging from
-5℃ to 70℃. When a beet cell has been damage, betacyanin, will leak out of the cell to turn the water that surrounds it red. A beet cell will exhibit some damages to their cell membrane when they are exposed to temperatures that are not optimum growth temperature.

The cellular membrane of a cell separates the cytoplasm of the cell which contains the organelles from the outside environment. The cell membrane’s main function is to regulate the exchange of ions and solutes, protect the cell, cell communication and adhesion, and some signaling mechanisms (Mandraccia 2014). Most eukaryotic cellular membrane are made up of phospholipid bilayer, a phospholipid molecule with fatty acids, which has proteins embedded within. The proteins within the phospholipid bilayer are not fixed within its position and its functions is to regulate the passage of molecules and an…

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