Essay on The Effect Of Spirituality On Campus

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College. A word that may strike fear into young adults, or induce incredible excitement and memories. Generally, college comes at a time in the life of an adolescent where they are searching for their own beliefs, ideas, and opinions. Now that they are away from home, without any parents to indoctrinate or persuade them into a certain mindset, they are beginning to question old beliefs and take on new ones. One of the biggest belief sets subject to reconsideration is spiritual beliefs: What religion do I see as most viable? Is there even a God? How will my belief in God (or lack thereof) affect my social status? The list goes on. With this, I endeavored to see the effects of spirituality on campus, how it affects sexual encounters, how it affects homesickness and fighting depression, and how certain religious groups view campus climate towards non-religious groups.
Sex is a topic that is on the mind of nearly every adolescent, young adult, and even adults. While women are less likely to be sexually active, the amount of overall college students who have engaged in sexual activities are overwhelmingly more than those who have not. 81.6% of the men sampled, and 79.8% of the women sampled have engaged in sexual activity (Young, M.; Denny, G.; Penhollow, T.; Palacios, R.; Morris, D., 2005). This leaves 18.4% and 20.2%, respectively, who have not engaged in sexual activity (Young, M.; et al. 2005). Studies have also been conducted, through other researchers, within the “bible…

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