The Effect Of Social Pressure On Young Adults Like College Students ' Judgments And Decision Making

1311 Words Oct 15th, 2015 null Page
This study explores whether the opinions from others have an influence on young adults like college students’ judgments and decision-making. We predict that social pressure plays a significant role in college students’ behaviour. In this study, 100 students in Monash University are recruited in a self-report research -- the Adolescent Peer Susceptibility Scale (APSS), using a 5-point Likert scale. The level of pressure they feel from their social group under given situations ranges from five to one. The mean scores of all the items in questionnaire from all the participants would be calculated. If the final average level scores over one, then the hypothesis will be supported. College students are susceptible to social norms when making decisions; they tend to look for an external standard for self-identification.

Human beings are social animals; we confront social pressures throughout all stages of life, childhood (Oostenbroek & Over, 2015), adolescence (Reynolds & Crea, 2015) and adult life (Sulay, 2015). According to the social comparison theory brought out by Festinger (1954), many social scientists suggest that humans tend to make self-evaluations base on the realistic standard. In many circumstances, there is no specific standard to refer to, as a result, so peers become a valid external standard for comparisons when their group dealing with similar developmental tasks (Berndt & Zook, 1993). Individuals modify or change their judgments and decisions to conform to…

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