The Effect Of Raising Minimum Wage Essay

2588 Words May 3rd, 2016 11 Pages
An increase in minimum wage has short term benefits but long term setbacks. While raising the minimum wage is a good idea to help the low wage worker, raising it too much may end up hurting not only these workers, but the economy and everyday people alike. In my paper I am going to thoroughly analyze the effect of raising minimum wage in our society. I am also going to look at how the issue of minimum wage is covered in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. We rarely hear the candidates talk about their plans on minimum wage during this year’s election. One of the most important reasons is that the candidates don’t have any realistic plans on minimum wage. The media also have to take the blame for not questioning them on issues like these, which matters the most to American citizens. The media always busy looking for funny/hot topics that can get the viewers attentions than something that is important. In this research paper I will analyze and take a deeper look in the relationship between media and presidential candidates on the issue of minimum wage. My research includes the benefit of minimum wage in the short term, and also how it affects everyone in the long term. I will moreover introduce the effect it will have on the minimum wage victims, which we don’t usually consider when thinking about minimum wage. Although it may seem like a simple issue to most of us, we are going to see that it is much more complicated that what we believe it to be.
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