Essay about The Effect Of Ph Levels On The Quality Of Water

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pH Levels:
The pH level system is the measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions in solutions. Subsequently, if there is a higher concentration then the pH is low meaning it’s acidic and if there’s a lower concentration then there’s a high pH levels meaning it’s basic. pH levels affect the quality of water because it affects the toxicity and the solubility of chemical substances and heavy metals. This causes the concentration of hydrogen ions in the water to change from the normal pH range for water of 6.5 to 8.5. This change causes the water quality to diminish because more harmful chemicals are dissolved in the water releasing toxins. The quality of water will ultimately decrease with these substances present. As well, if the water acidity or alkalinity levels are irregular then the organisms will perish causing the water quality to further weaken since plants release oxygen into the water affecting the dissolved oxygen in water. This indicator is the most common method used when testing the quality of water as it is simple and can be done anytime with fast results (Lower Colorado River Authority, 1996). The pH level indicator will provide valuable information in either supporting or rejecting the hypothesis as readers will know why certain bodies of water are more acidic or basic due to the surroundings. Ultimately, the pH level of water should remain in the normal range as the proximity of development decreases. The pH levels of the four bodies of water will be tested…

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