Essay about The Effect Of Instant Streaming Programs

752 Words Mar 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Nowadays people want to get what they want with the least amount of effort. There have been so many developments in technology lately, that almost anything is possible. This makes it no surprise that now people can stream pretty much every television and movie ever made at any time. While most people say that these instant streaming programs are all good, I find that they can be both detrimental and beneficial depending on how they are used. Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, even YouTube are just a few of the programs that allow consumers to watch televisions shows and movies at their own will, for a fee. I am not going to debate which program is best, as they all have their own individual perks. However many of them have movies or shows that are only available with subscription, meaning you can’t see the stuff, with just regular cable. This encourages people to subscribe to the programs, in fear of missing out on something, or simply to see what all the fuss is about. Then once the companies get your money, they pretty much have you, because they give you several reasons to upgrade or stay with them. Majority of people watch television several times a week and an even larger majority of these people are subscribed to regular cable and/or one or more streaming programs. There’s a variety of reasons that I’ve heard defending this choice. It all boils down to streaming programs being “the best thing ever”. With their large selection, the convenience of watching what you…

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