The Effect Of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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The Effect of Genetically Modified Organisms In 1865, Gregor Mendel published Experiments in Plant Hybridization becoming the first report of Genetically Modified Organisms. What started as selective breeding eventually developed into one of the most prevalent technological advancements of today. What Mendel started became increasingly controversial. Today, scientists are injecting genes into crops to make them more productive, resistant to pests, and draught tolerant which is having a monumental impact on agriculture and the world today, but, with this large of an impact, controversy is inevitable. The controversy associated with the growing use of Genetically Modified Organisms, such as golden rice, involves health risks, food labels, and trade. Genetically Modified Organisms are a new technology that frighten many people who, in result, have been reporting health issues, but none actually have any true factual information. Recently, there have been countless reports of GMOs causing cancer in humans. The same reports have also reported that animals fed Genetically Modified Crops have developed cancerous tumors, infertility, as well as other diseases (Entine 1). All of these accounts, which were backed with little to no factual research, have been disproven by the Journal of Animal Science. This journal studied livestock before 1996 that were fed crops with no GMOs as well as livestock after 1996 that have been fed crops containing GMOs. The study proved that there…

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