The Effect Of Diet On The Maintenance Of Healthy Skin And The Dietary Sensitivity

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Diet has a major role in the maintenance of healthy skin and is a significant factor in the etiology and therapy of skin disease in three arenas: nutrient deficiency or imbalance, nutritional supplementation for therapeutic effect and dietary sensitivity.

Dietary components such as fatty acids, zinc, and certain proteins can help improve skin condition and control disease. Other constituents of the diet can aid the recovery of skin, such as non-allergenic carbohydrates, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients.

This strategy was incorporated into a therapeutic diet intended to aid the management of canine allergic skin disease, including atopy, flea allergy, and dietary sensitivity. Within a period of 6 weeks the dog presented significant skin and hair coat improvements.


“A dog suffering from allergic skin disease, including atopy, flea allergy, and dietary sensitivity can benefit from a naturally complete and balanced homemade diet, using highly available sources of protein, gluten-free, highly digestible carbohydrates, appropriates amounts of fatty acids and zinc, and alternative ingredients with natural anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial/anti-biotic effects”


Nutritional dermatoses

Nutritional deficiencies are uncommon as a result of the widespread feeding of complete and balanced pet foods, however, reduced nutrient availability may arise when the animal 's intake is deficient, the diet is poorly formulated or stored, injudicious…

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