Essay about The Educational Process Has Impacted My Life

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In everyday life the educational process has become a factor in many individual lives, some that have negative impacts and some with positive impacts. The educational process that commences from pre-k to graduate school that is inclined to be helpful to the students in their future. Both, Hsun Tzu and Sherman Alexie explain their views on the educational process. “Education” is denoted from the act of teaching. The teacher who knows the information utilizes the appropriate actions to develop the learning principles to a child. The educational process has impacted my life in a positive way. If you exert yourself and do what you need to do then the only thing that will be coming out of it is something positive. In my life there has been many positive outcomes, but the first one that comes to mind had to do with my Medical Assisting class that I earned a certification from. First off, my instructor was incredibly nice and was willing to help you in any way. The instructor’s way of teaching was very helpful, we used to take notes talk about them, ask questions if we needed clarification. She would also show us live pictures and videos, we would do group activities where we would be able to do certain procedures on our classmates such as taking blood pressure, height, weight, pulse and etc. We would also do projects with diseases and disorders and talk about them, we would take tests and quizzes and we were also able to apply the skills we were taught at the hospital for our…

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