The Education System Of The Postmodern Era Essay

1472 Words Jul 8th, 2015 null Page
There were many other writings of philosophers that had read for my Christian Worldviews class that found deeply connected to. Additional to the ones that I have already discussed, I’ve read works by Plato of the premodern worldview, Rene Descartes and Immanuel Kant from modern worldview, and Friedrich Nietzsche, Paulo Freire, and Nel Noddings from the postmodern worldview. All of these authors demonstrated their unique worldviews and how they were related to their education ideas and practices. Although all the authors had mostly great ideas and concepts, I felt more in agreement with the postmodern authors Freire and Noddings. These two authors were more current and their perspectives on worldview and education reflected my philosophy of education the most. I think a combination of both of their worldviews, educational ideas, and concepts is relevant to today’s time and culture. Freire and Noddings both believe that the education system of the postmodern era needs to change to support all learners. The highlight of the post-modern era is that people are taught through the community. I completely agree with this, but within the community, the teachers are still most relevant. During this era, a student’s individuality, perspective, and involvement in their learning is nonexistent. Both authors identified the need to change this and their ideas and concepts reflected this. Freire discussed on how teachers are rote in their learning and that the students are…

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