The Education System Is Flawed Essays

1461 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
The education system in America is flawed due to the idea of standardization. Ever since the American education system was created, we have been treating students as if they were being massed produced on an assembly line. This idea of standardization is flawed because of that fact that not everyone is the same. Each and every person on this planet is unique and because of their uniqueness, they learn and think differently than everyone else. The education system doesn’t care about someone’s needs, disabilities, the way they think, or how quickly they can process information, but instead only cares about pushing these kids through all of the grades, K-12, as fast as possible and with as much information as possible. Whether or not they retain this information well is not a factor in the education system. The education system is flawed and needs to be reformed in order to accommodate for everyone, including those with mental disorders, not just this standard that we are holding everyone to. We have a big problem with the education system and that is the idea of standardization. Sir Ken Robinson, in the RSA video about “How to Change Education,” states that the education system discourages creativity and originality because it holds everyone to a single standard and makes it so that only one way of thinking is correct and that there is always only one right answer (Robinson). According to him, the education system needs to be changed to make creativity and originality more…

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