The Education System Has Never Been One Essay

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The American education system has never been one to excel. Our mathematics department hasn’t shown much promise when compared to other countries. Why? How come we have never been ranked as the best education system in the world? This is because of our lack of care towards the students. Teachers are not taught to teach their students in different ways, resulting in only a few of the students to comprehend what is being taught. Teachers also do not have a high enough standard to meet when it comes to whether or not they are eligible to teach. Another thing we lack in America is our focus. We are most focused on standardized testing that we do not remember to teach our students the right things. If we focused more on students, our education system as a whole would greatly benefit, but our mathematical education would also succeed.
Everybody learns in different ways. Some people will hear something and it will click with them forever. Others might be able to learn only when they do an activity hands on. The ways people learn varies greatly and there is not one way to teach everyone. I, myself, have always been a visual learner. I can listen to a teacher explain the same thing for hours and still not get it, but once they draw what they are saying, I understand. Diverse skills in teaching are how a nation can strive and the American education system lacks this ability to teach in various ways. My math teacher, Mr. Seivers, from sixth-grade, was an amazing example of the American…

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