The Education Of The United States Essay

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Welcome to America

For over the past years many immigrants have come to the United States. They have come here from many parts of the world, and have been a great part of this nation. It is not easy for any of them to leave there traditions, and family behind. In the search for a better life, and most important an American education. For both Mira and Bharati coming to the United States must have been a very difficult choice, but both made the decision to seek new educational avenues. Both Mira and Bharati, had a plan to return home to their native country once there education was complete. Bharati believed that her sisters dreams where equally the same as hers, but she was wrong (Mukherjee 404). Unfortunately, destiny had its own plans, and people change over the years as well as their dreams. This is indeed what happened to Mira and Bharati, they changed, and so did their lives in America. In the end, they both chose different educational avenues, traditions, and love partners.
Bharati, came to the United States to study Creative writing. She seemed to have her mind set, since the time she left India. Initially, Bharati wanted to earn an American education, and return home to marry the groom of her father choice.” We would endure our two years in America, secure our degrees then return to India to marry the grooms of our fathers choosing” (Mukherjee 404). Things did not play out for her the way she wanted them to. Instead, Bharati married an American man, and became a…

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