The Education Of The Navajo Nation Essay

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According to Jane McCarthy graduate of University of Nevada she states, “Indigenous peoples are spoken for, not spoken with, in regard to their dreams for the education of their children” (p. 123). Jane McCarthy and Helene Johnson tell about their experiences as an outside teacher teaching on the Navajo Nation. The schools on native nations need to ask what the outstanding educational pedagogies are for the native students and how to implement those practices into the classroom instruction. The Accelerated School Project makes changes to the school curriculum, instruction, and organization which the Navajo Nation School didn’t do so well due to the disconnection with mainstream schools. The Native communities need to come together as a culture and make the necessary changes to the teaching instruction which includes; practicing the native language, using the most relevant process, and engaging the students in critical thinking in the classrooms. Schools for Native Americans continue to fail due to no relevant instruction relating to culture-based education. The schools started three strategies which are; education of decision makers, education for educators, and place-based teacher preparation. In order for these programs to succeed they need the educational leaders to interact with the community, government officials, and parents in a positive manner. Native educational leaders need to be fully experienced in providing and implementing culture-based education in order for…

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