The Education Of The K 12 Grade Levels Essay

1101 Words Jun 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
The education of students in the K-12 grade levels has evolved over the past several years. In today’s classrooms across most of the United States the Common Core State Standards are in place. If these standards are not in place there are others like them adopted. While there have always been standards in place it seems as in recent years that these standards are more public because of different pieces of technology. With the implementation of the CCSS or similar standards testing has also become a hot topic of discussion. The focus of testing is mainly on English language arts and Mathematics. While these two subject areas are important others are being left behind in order to make sure that students produce gains in the tested subjects. The social sciences, sciences, and arts are not heavily focused on because they are not mandated by the many standardized tests. However, these subjects are important and the students of today should be getting adequate instruction in all subjects. The idea of integrating curriculum or teaching across subjects is one way that could allow students to get instruction in all subjects. Teachers could teach social science topics in English language arts and science topics during mathematics instruction. There are a wide variety of ways to teach the many different subjects across curriculum. Not only will this allow teachers to meet the standards of multiple subjects at one time, but it will also allow students to explore curriculum that may…

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