The Education Of African Americans Essay

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In the eighteenth century, Americans fought a Revolutionary war against inequalities set forth by the British. Again in the nineteenth century Americans fought a civil war against the inequalities for African Americans. Built on the foundation of continuous wars, America set a precedent of fighting against inequalities; however during the twenty-first century Americans have forfeited the war against inequality. Prominent through the education of children, inequalities are detrimental to students’ performances and aspirations. Felix Schelling once stated, “True education makes for inequality the inequality of individuality, the inequality of success, the glorious inequality of talent, of genius.” I strongly refute his statement, as he believes inequality serves for the better in American education. Theoretically, Education builds the future of America, but due to the process of American schooling, the country is lacking support for these future generations; faults and inequalities in the education system are perceptible in the form of tenure for educators, standardized testing, and socioeconomics. In order for Americans to eliminate these inequalities, they must first acknowledge the problem, and eventually act in order to advance.
The quality of the teachers hired by school systems greatly influences the students’ chances of achieving and prospering in school. In personal experiences, I have observed the effect teachers have on their student’s education; the most remarkable…

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