The Ecotourism Model Of Brazil Essay

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Brazil is a beautiful country with very high esteemed ecotourism sites and some of them are renowned for their incredible sceneries and views that are part of their natural build. Apart from the fact that the country is still struggling to preserve the the Amazon rain forest, the country 's wealth of natural attractions is incomparable with any other country. Some examples of the natural attractions from brazil are Cerrado, Foz do Iguacu, Pantanal, Abrolhos but the center of ecotourism attractions in brazil lies in the state Mato Grosso do sul is Bonito.
Bonito is the ecotourism model of brazil and is so far the most popular ecotourism site in brazil it is basically an aquatic playground for all the tourists who come around to see the beautiful place . Bonito is found in the southwest corner of Mato Grosso do Sul. Mato Grosso do Sul is not a place that is known for any attractions like an amusement park or a popular zoo but for its natural resources surrounding the place. Apart from the great Bonito Mato Grosso also has other sites some being Campo Grande and Punta
Pora these are also areas in which people come to visit when they come to the state. Mato Grosso do sul is as formerly stated not a place where people go to find rides or go to see animals , it is more of a place where people go out to be with and in nature to have an outdoor experience of wildlife and rivers and to enjoy the outdoors and so it does not fully attract a lot of…

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