The Economic Impact Of Medical Errors Essay

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The issue of an efficient healthcare service delivery by the National Health Service (NHS) and other healthcare providers has consistently occupied the first position amongst other objectives to be maximized by the government, healthcare organization, and the patient, this is due to several factors such reduction in cost of service delivery; increasing competition amongst healthcare service providers; quest to raise life expectancy of the citizens, just to mention but few. Health economic theoreticians and analyst have long understood and recorded a deteriorating health state and several medical claims by patients resulting from errors in medical practices, thus gave rise for the pursuit and development of medical policies geared towards reducing medical errors.
Development is seen has a channel, capable of raising the quality of human lives, self-esteem, and freedom. According to Sen (1998) contextual definition of Human Development Index (HDI), the human health is presumed to play a vital role in achieving economic development, hence, implied that the quest to achieve a developed and efficient best medical practice void of adverse events has been the vanguard of investigations in healthcare organizations.
In order to best discuss the economic implications of medical errors, it is sacrosanct to define and decompose some terms more precisely. An error is an occurrence of inaccuracy in the calculation,…

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