The Economic And Political Development Of Africa Essay

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European colonialism influenced the economic and political development of Africa and served a moral purpose as well as was mutually beneficial to both Europeans and the African people, however there were some long-term negative effects on Africa as well. However, it was because of Colonialism that had changed the way of African thinking as well as impacted their culture and ways of life.

The overall goal of colonialism was to exploit physical, human, and economic resources of an area in order to benefit the colonizing nation. Prior to the colonization of Africa, African states were make advances in many areas especially in the area of trade. Europeans were able to develop a commodity based trading system, cash crop agricultural system, and built a trade network linking the total economic output of a region to the demands of the colonizing state. Prior to European Colonialism, Africa was involved in international trade and had relied on taxing of foreign trade which paid for government expenses. Developing nations in Africa were developing trade and economies of their own were taken over by European economic policies by the British, French and Germans.

Europe was developing very quickly and Africa was able to supply Europe with raw materials. Before Colonialism, Europe has to struggle with African governments which were still heavily reliant on international trade but still had substantial control over their economic development. African states were able to…

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