The Earth Is Reliant On Various Reproductive Biochemical Cycles

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The earth is reliant on various reproductive biochemical cycles, to maintain balanced and regulated conditions on earth and within the atmosphere (Name, date). These cycles include the carbon, nitrogen and hydrological cycles. These cycles among others, bring with them various geological, chemical, physical and biological processes (name, date). All these cycles are interconnected; matter within them is continually cycled between biotic and abiotic parts of the environment (name, date). Without appropriate nutrient and element cycling on earth, ecosystems would become unsustainable as these cycles firstly ensure that there is no waste, whilst also ensuring essential elements do not run out as they are continually recycled (name, date). All forms of life on earth including animals, plants and humans are dependent and involved with these cycles in order for them to survive (name, date).

All life on earth is made of carbon, we eat carbon and most of earths energy for day to day living including homes and transport comes from carbon (name, date). Often referred to as the ‘building blocks of life’ the carbon cycle is the circulation and transformation of carbon between living organisms and the environment, as many living tissues contain carbon compounds (name, date). One of the most common elements on earth, carbon is the basis for all living things and the environment; carbon takes many forms and is distributed through the carbon cycle (name, date). Carbon exists in three main…

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