The Earth And The Universe : First Of All, Hesiod 's Theogony

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The Earth and the Universe:
First of all, Hesiod’s Theogony (circa. 700 BC) is a written source explaining the connections between the gods, goddesses and these immortal beings are the embodiment respective parts of the earth and universe. Hesiod explains that in the beginning there was only Chaos and then came Gaea, the broad earth who supports Mt Olympus and at its core, Tartarus. From Gaea came Uranus, the sky and stars and together they bore the titans and titanesses and the monsters. As Hesiod describes, the genealogy continues on for many more generations of one-person births, to partnerships between the gods and goddesses, to immortal beings and mortals. Mythology also explains certain landmarks and natural occurrences. For example, a stream passing through the River Alpheus, down the hillside and flowing underground through caverns and under the sea until it finally reaches the island Ortygia where it bursts into a spring is the path the water nymph Arethusa took to evade the river spirit Alpheus. Arethusa was a follower of Artemis who had saved the nymph. Furthermore, the god Helios is famed to pull the sun across the sky with his chariot of horses, ergo explaining the sun rising and setting. Philosophy and science has other ideas about how and why the earth and universe behave the way they do. Collectively the Ancient Greeks could infer that the shape of the Earth was a circle as they understood that it was the Earth’s shadow passing in a lunar eclipse.…

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